why isn't female masturbation talked about?

oh goddamnn…I think that female masturbation is never comfortably mentioned in mainstream media/pop culture because it is an act which signifies that a woman owns her body and sexuality independently of anyone, and I think that it’s a pretty powerful thing and is possibly scary to our patriarchal society. The thing is, if you look to mainstream film, advertising etc. women are often highly sexualised without actually owning it, their sexiness serves to pleasure the consumer (the females themselves are secondary)… and female masturbation kinda fucks with that representation of women and their sexuality. I know that there will be guys out there who say “but I’m not like that, I don’t think female masturbation is weird/gross” but tbh it’s not about individuals being cool with it, it’s about how our society views the topic at large. Just look at the backlash Petra Collins received with the shirts, it just goes to show how backwards our culture is when dealing with the topic. Hmmmm these are just my thoughts/blabber, idk if I even answered your question sozsozsoz   

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